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Philadelphia Society of Miniature Painters' Annual Exhibition of Miniatures photographs by Artists Documented

Not all art works exhibited during PAFA's Annual Miniature Exhibitions were documented using photography. Art works found in this digital collection simply indicates the art works that were photographed during PAFA's Annual Miniature Exhibitions. As a result, if your search yields zero results, that does not necessarily mean the artist did not exhibit at PAFA. It just means we do not have photographic evidence in our collection. 


Cron, Nina Nash 

Little, Gertrude L. 

Shisler, Clare Shepard 

Ahrens, Ellen Wetherland 

Dix, Eulabee  

Longacre, Lydia Eastwick 

Simpson, Edna Huests 

Allen, Mary Coleman 

Dull, John J.

Lynch, Anna  

Smith, Violet Thompson 

Archambault, A. Margaretta 

Durkee, Helen Winslow 

Macsoud, Nicolas S. 

Stanton, Lucy May 

Barrett, Lisbeth Stone 

Ely, Frances Campbell 

Marks, Stella Lewis 

Stout, Virginia Hollinger 

Baum, Walter Emerson 

Faber, Ludwig E. 

McCarthy, Elizabeth White 

Strean, Maria Judson 

Baxter, Martha Wheeler 

Fenderson, Annie M. 

McFadden, Sarah Yocum 

Swindell, Bertha  

Bliss, Alma Hirsig 

Fisher, Howell Tracy 

McMillan, Mary  

Taylor, Emily Drayton 

Boardman, Rosina Cox 

Foote, Josephine J. 

Melcher, Betsy Flagg 

Tuttle, Adrianna  

Bonsall, Mary A. 

Gaudens, Carlota Saint 

Mundy, Ethel Frances 

Walther, Frederick W. 

Bonsall, Mary W. 

Graham, Elizabeth Sutherland 

Murray, Grace H. 

Ward, Dorothy P. 

Borda, Katherine K. 

Grue, Jack  

Oliver, Jean N. 

Washington, Elizabeth F. 

Bush, Ella Shepard 

Harmon, Evelyn S. 

Parke, Jesse Burns 

Washington, Elizabeth  

Carew, Berta  

Harris, Alexandrina Robertson 

Pattee, Elsie Dodge 

Welch, Mabel R. 

Casterton, Eda Namold 

Hasselriis, Malthe M. 

Peale, Rebecca Burd Patterson

Whittemore, William J. 

Claus, May Austin 

Irvin, Virginia Hendrickson 

Pearson, Jane Mumford 

Williams, Alyn  

Cobb, Louisa  

Jackson, Anne Hurlburt 

Purdie, Evelyn  


Collier, Grace  

Johnson, Harry L. 

Ravenel, Pamela Vinton 


Coolidge, Bertha  

Johnson, Jeanne Payne 

Richards, Glenora  


Cowan, Sara Eakin 

Lewis, Helen V. 

Schille, Alice