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Manuscript Collections

Finding aids for Manuscript Collections below:

Agnes Allen photographs
Walter Anderson correspondence
Joseph Amarotico papers
John Cadwalader McCall book
Henry Bisbing correspondence
Jack Bookbinder interview transcript
Lizzie Chapin papers
Edward Coates correspondence
James Claghorn photographs
Augustus Heaton papers
Sarah Langly Mendenhall correspondence
Julian Levi photographs
Mary Cassatt papers
Dudley Huppler book, The Lesson
Charles L. Fussell papers
Charles Grafly unpublished manuscript
Eliza Haldeman papers
Henry McCarter register of paintings
Louise Nevelson papers
Violet Oakley papers
Katharine Dunn Pagon papers
Annie Perot papers
Daniel Garber papers
Joseph Harrison Jr. papers
Sara Carle Johns papers
Jessie Willcox Smith papers
Daniel Muller photographs
Walter Stuempfig papers
Leroy Edward Wolfe papers
Walter Reinsel correspondence
Julius Rauzin correspondence
Frederick H. Shelton’s research files on Adolph Ulrich Wertmuller 
Sartain Family papers
John Franklin Garber papers
Arthur B. Carles correspondence
Hugh Breckenridge papers
Emma Clara Peale papers
Peter F. Rothermel receipt
Robert Devlin Schwarz memorial service remarks
Gilbert H. Smith papers
Elisabeth Spalding papers
Elizabeth Sparhawk Jones oral history transcript
Thomas Sully correspondence
Henry O. Tanner collection
Robert Vonnoh correspondence
Jeremy Wilson papers
Ben Wolf interview transcript
Edward R. Anshutz papers
Thomas Pollock Anshutz papers
Arthur B. Carles papers
Jane Boyer scrapbooks
Tara Tappert collection of Cecilia  Beaux research materials
David Brigham collection of research materials
Louise Ballinger correspondence
Alice Kent Stoddard photograph album
Collection of research materials for American Originals: Vivian O. and Meyer P. Potamkin-Collectors of American Art
Morris Blackburn papers
Collection of Henry S. Drinker's research materials on Cecilia Beaux
Cecilia Beaux collection
William Carey book
Rembrandt Peale books
Harrison S. Morris papers
Thomas Shields Clark letters and photographs
Giuseppe Donato collection
Birge Harrison photograph
George Hollingsworth photograph
Henry C. Gibson photographs
Sophie Victor Greene photographs
Sue Coe papers
Bill Viola papers
Daniel Webster correspondence
John Lambert painted tile
Harry Bertoia drawings
George M. Harding papers
Hyman Myers HLB renovation project files