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Photograph of painting "Portrait of Mary" by Edward Laning, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "139th annual ex. 1944"
Photograph of sculpture "Paul Domville" by James House, Jr., identification tentative. Inscription reads (verso): "Figure of Love", "Phila Show 1940", "James House, Jr."
Photograph of sculpture "Captive Cub" by Elisabeth Haseltine. Inscription reads (verso): ""Captive Cub" by Elizabeth[sic] Haseltine, 131st Annual", "Reg #501 By Elizabeth Haseltine", "X"
Photograph of sculpture "After Performance" by Chaim Gross. Inscription reads (verso): "129th Annual 1934", ""After Performance" by Chaim Gross, Golden Streak Eaple Wood"
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