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Photograph of Fritz Eichenberg's "Lunatic Symphony (Wood Engraving)" at PAFA's 42nd Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1944. Artist awarded Pennell Memorial Medal.
Photograph of Pop Hart's "Excursion Boat (Etching)" at PAFA's 28th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1930.
Photograph of Margery A. Ryerson's "First Violin (Water Color Etching)" at PAFA's 31st Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1933.
Photograph of sculpture "Woman with Violin" by Henry Kreis. Inscription reads (verso): ""Woman with Violin" by Henry Kreis, sculptor ([scribbled out])", "Changed to: Henry Kreis, Exxex, Conn.", "129th Annual 1934"
Photograph of installation in Gallery B at the 1908 Annual Exhibition. Inscription reads (verso): "103rd Annual 1908", "4"
Photograph of painting "Music" by Thomas Eakins, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Music By Thomas Eakins", "111th Annual 1916", "copy neg. 1999 in TE research file"
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