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Photograph of sculpture "The Tiny Turtle" by Louise Hibbard Wilder. Inscription reads (verso): "126th Annual 1931", ""The Tiny Turtle" by Louise Wilder - Fountain prize $850.00, 24 in high water drips off turtle which child has picked up --", "c",…
Photograph of sculpture "Girl and Turtle" by Mabel Conkling. Inscription reads (verso): "1927 122 Annual", ""Girl and Turtle" (fountain), Mabel Conkling sc., 26 West Eighth St."
Photograph of sculpture "A Joyous Fountain" by Jonathan Scott Hartley. Inscription reads (verso): "105th Annual 1910", "A Joyous Fountain By J. Scott Hartley"
Photograph of sculpture "Fountain Figure" by Albin Polasek. Inscription reads (verso): "Fountain Figure By Albin Polasik[sic]", "114th annual ex. 1919"
Photograph of sculpture "Turtle Baby: Fountain" by Edith Barretto Stevens Parsons. Inscription reads (verso): "111th annual ex. 1916", "Turtle Baby: Fountain By Edith Barretto Parsons"
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