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Photograph of sculpture "Ascending Torso" by John G. Bergschneider (submitted but not exhibited). Inscription reads (verso): "Johnfrield G. Bergschneider "Ascending Torso" 145th Annual Ex. Entry, 1949"
Photograph of sculpture "Flute Player" by Nat Werner. Inscription reads (verso): ""Flute Player" [illegible], Nat Werner, 315 E. 17 St., N.Y.C.", "Werner", "139th Annual 1944"
Photograph of sculpture "Alert" by Concetta Scaravaglione. Inscription reads (verso): "138th Annual Ex - 1943", "Artist Concetta Scaravaglione, Title Alert"
Photograph of sculpture "Elenore" by Gaetano Cecere. Inscription reads (verso): "120", "136th Annual Ex - 1941, "Elenore", Gaetano", "Cecere 1699"
Photograph of sculpture "Force-Creative" by Leo Friedlander. Inscription reads (verso): ""Force-Creative" Leo Friedlander, 157th Annual, 1962", "122"
Photograph of sculptures rejected by the 1941 Annual Exhibition. Inscription reads (verso): "136th Annual Ex 1941", "#18001 1/4/44", "sculpture in basement for Jury with Flood, 8,9,10-11 @ 1/5"
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