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Photograph of the miniature painting "Still Life (No. II)" by Jack Grue from the 45th Annual Miniature Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Society of Miniature Painters, 1946. Catalog entry number 68. Includes original frame. Artist awarded Honorable…
Photograph of painting "Lady at the Tea Table" by Mary Cassatt, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Lady at The Tea Table - Mary Cassatt, Lent by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, N.Y.", "52959/9903"
Photograph of painting "Three A.M." by John Sloan, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Three A.M. - John Sloan, Lent by The Phila. Museum of Art, Phila., Pa.", "'46-10-1", "3 A.M., 1909, John Sloan", "2 1/16" x 2 1/2", 120 area", "3577/7/120",…
Photograph of painting "Russian Tea Service" by Dora Bortin, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Cut C", "Please return to phila YM + YMHA", ""
Photograph of painting "At the Window" by Richard Edward Miller, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "At the Window by Richard E. Miller", "113th annual ex. 1918"
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