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Photograph of Phil Paradise's "Thoroughbreds and Pinto" at PAFA's 38th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1940.
Photograph of Ruth Peabody's "Behind the Scenes (Water Color)" at PAFA's 29th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1931.
Photograph of sculpture "Bantam Fighting Cock" by Wilmer Hoffman. Inscription reads (verso): ""Bantam Fighting Cock" Wilmer Hoffman, 135th A. Ex - 1940", "283", "135th annual ex. 1940", "5 3/8", "Wilmer Hoffman, Reg #1899", "Crop"
Photograph of print "Mouse Helping a Hedgerow Animal Carrying a Prie-Dieu" by Morris Graves, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "152nd Annual, 1957", "Animal, [illegible], 1954, Morris Graves, 10 1/4x36 1/4"
Photograph of sculpture "Aberdeen-Angus" by Herbert Haseltine. Inscription reads (verso): ""Aberdeen-Angus"", "Herbert HASELTINE Reg #1639", "133rd Annual Ex - 1938", "1639"
Photograph of sculpture "Dr. LeRoy Heck's Beano" by Madeleine F. Park. Inscription reads (verso): ""131st annual ex. 1936", "Dr LeRoy Heck's "Beano" by Madeleine Park, Katonah NY", "$150 in bronze."
Photograph of sculpture "Granite: Dog" by William Zorach. Inscription reads (verso): "129th Annual 1934", "Granite-Dog - William Zorach sculptor.", "Kindly return photo to William Zorach, 123 W. 10 NYC."
Photograph of sculpture "Bird Dog" by Ralph Hamilton Humes. Inscription reads (verso): "128th annual ex. 1933", "1679-The Bird Dog, Ralph Humes", "--3 1/2--", "4123 #48"
Photograph of sculpture "Balto" by Frederick George Richard Roth. Inscription reads (verso): "Roth", "sent in by artist 121st Annual 1926", ""Balto" Monument, Fred[illegible] R Roth sc. Sherwood Pl. Englewood NJ."
Photograph of sculpture "The Pensioners: Garden Group" by Joseph Lorkowski Boulton. Inscription reads (verso): "121st Annual 1926", "Boulton", "74", "The Pensioners by Boulton 1041", "2 1/4" wide"
Photograph of sculpture "Pigmy African Elephants" by Katharine Ward Lane. Inscription reads (verso): "121st annual ex. 1926", "66", "Pigmy African Elephant, K.W. Lane 1441", "crop", "2 1/4" wide"
Photograph of sculpture "Circus Horse" by Amory C. Simons. Inscription reads (verso): "Circus Horse by Amory C. Simons", "119th Annual 1924"
Photograph of sculpture "New York Fire Engine Horses" by Amory C. Simons. Inscription reads (verso): "'New York Fire Engine Horses' (Bronze Group), Awarded the Ellin P. Speyer Memorial Prize (1922) at National Academy of Design to Amory C. Simons,…
Photograph of sculpture "Prairie Fire" by J.M. Lore. Inscription reads (verso): "117th annual ex. 1922", "Prarie[sic] Fire by J.M. Lore"
Photograph of sculpture "Having a Hard Time" by Amory C. Simons. Inscription reads (verso): "113th Annual 1918", "Armory[sic] C. Simons", "Having a hard time"
Photograph of sculpture "Greed" by Albert Laessle. Inscription reads (verso): "Greed By Albert Laessle", "111th annual ex. 1916"
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