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Photograph of sculpture "Shark Diver" by Frank Eliscu. Inscription reads (verso): "146th Annual 1951", "[illegible]", "SHARK DIVER - By FRANK ELISCU, 15" in BRONZE - $400.00 -1950-", "Croton Dam Pond, Ossining, N.Y."
Photograph of painting "Ultra-Marine" by Stuart Davis, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Ultra Marine by Stuart Davis, Awarded Scheidt Memorial Prize 1945"
Photograph of sculpture "Sea Weed: Fountain Figure" by Walker Hancock. Inscription reads (verso): "117th annual ex. 1922", "Sea Week Fountain by Walker Hancock"
Photograph of sculpture "Seaweed Fountain" by Janet Scudder. Inscription reads (verso): "Sea Weed Fountain by Janet Scudder", "110th Annual 1915"
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