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Photograph of Beryl Cook's "Electrical Salesman" at PAFA's 38th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1940.
Photograph of Barse Miller's "Moon and Battleships" at PAFA's 37th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1939.
Photograph of Peter Helck's "Jack Barreto's Barn (Lithograph)" at PAFA's 36th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1938.
Photograph of Elenore Abbott's "The Fairy Tale" at PAFA's 14th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1916.
Photograph of Hermann Dudley Murphy's "Evening" at PAFA's 8th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1910.
Photograph of water color "Night Sound" by John Hanlen, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Night Sound by John Hanlen, 160th Annual 1965"
Kodachrome slide of painting "Night Smoke" by Arthur Osver, partial framing. Inscription reads (recto): "Osver, Arthur", "146th Annual - 1951", ""Night Smoke""
Glass negative of painting "Moonlight" by Edward Francis Rook, shows original framing. Inscription reads (folder): "Edward Rook - Moonlight", "1900", "53."
Photograph of painting "Moonlight" by Edward Francis Rook, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Moonlight - E.F. Rook, 69th A.E., 1900"
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