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Photograph of Barse Miller's "Boy with Tuba" at PAFA's 39th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1941.
Photograph of Edward Austin Walton's "Blues (Water Color)" at PAFA's 33rd Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1935.
Photograph of H. Devitt Welsh's "Come Ye and Make Merry (Ink)" at PAFA's 23rd Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1925.
Kodachrome slide of painting "Wind Orchestra" by Max Weber, shows original framing. Inscription reads (recto): "Wind Orchestra by Max Weber", "1950, 145th Annual"
Photograph of sculpture "Resurgent Harmy" by Victor Riu. Inscription reads (verso): "153rd Annual, 1958", "steel", "36%"
Photograph of painting "The Bach Orchestra" by Max Weber, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "151st Annual 1956", "The Bach Orchestra 1953, Max Weber, Oil, 28x23"
Photograph of painting "The Old Violin" by William Michael Harnett, no framing. Inscription reads (none):
Photograph of painting "Theatre" by Everett Shinn, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Theatre - Everett Shinn, Lent by Mr. + Mrs. Hudson Walker, Forrest Hills, N.Y.", "
Photograph of sculpture "Music" by Jonathan Scott Hartley. Inscription reads (verso): "5", "102nd Annual 1907", "Music", "by J. Scott Hartley", "Music, Jonathan Scott Hartley"
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