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Photograph of the miniature painting "Benito Mussolini (Autographed)" by Alyn Williams from the 25th Annual Miniature Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Society of Miniature Painters, 1926. Catalog entry number 318. Includes original frame.
Photograph of sculpture "Parke C. Dougherty" by Adam Pietz, mounted on board. Inscription reads (none):
Photograph of sculpture "Portrait Group" by Edith Woodman Burroughs. Inscription reads (verso): "106th Annual 1911", "Portraits in Marble", "Portrait Group, Edith Woodman Burroughs", "282", "2898"
Photograph of sculpture "Beatrice" by John M. Bateman. Inscription reads (verso): "106th annual ex. 1911", "Beatrice, by John M. Bateman"
Photograph of installation in the Rotunda at the 1910 Annual Exhibition, mounted on board. Inscription reads (verso): "3 1/2x 3/2", "7170", "105th A.E, 1910, Augustus Lukeman "Finding of Moses", "large"
Photograph of sculpture "Collection of Bronzes" by Paul Wayland Bartlett, mounted on board. Inscription reads (verso): "-Photographs- From P.W. Bartlett, 5 Rue Jarean, Paris", "Exhibited in 100th An-versary Ex. 1905", "Vin Cherbourg", "To Mr.…
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