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Kodachrome slide of painting "The Green Mask" by Byron Browne, partial framing. Inscription reads (recto): "B. Browne", ""The Green Mask"", "1951", "146th Annual"
Photograph of painting "Mascarade" by Adolph Gottlieb, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Gottlieb, Adolph, "Masquerade" 36 x 24", "AE", "[illegible]", "144th Annual Ex"
Photograph of painting "The Pink Skirt" by Gladys Rockmore Davis, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): ""The Pink Shirt[sic]"", "--3 3/4--", "Gladys Rockmore Davis, Reg #1813", "135th An. Ex - 1940", "283"
Photograph of sculpture "Naiad with Mask" by Alexander Stirling Calder. Inscription reads (verso): "134th Annual 1939", "Naiad with Tragic Mask By A. Stirling Calder"
Photograph of unknown painting by Everett Shinn, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Everett Shinn, oil, 13" x 17", sgd + dtd 1946", "618"
Photograph of sculpture "Comedy" by William Rush. Inscription reads (verso): "24-1926-2", "Comedy, Willim Rush, Forrest Home Col.", "Comedy - William Rush, Lent by The Edwin Forrest Home, Courtesy of The Phila. Museum of Art, Phila., Pa.", "24",…
Kodachrome slide of painting "House of Cards, No. 1" by Sueo Serisawa, shows original framing. Inscription reads (recto): "Serisawa, S.", "146th Annual", "1951", "169", ""House of Cards, #1""
Kodachrome slide of painting "To the Ball" by Yasuo Kuniyoshi, no framing. Inscription reads (recto): "Kuniyoshi", ""To the Ball"", "1951", "146th Annual", "#157"
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