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Photograph of installation in the South Transept, looking southeast, at the 1943 Annual Exhibition. Inscription reads (verso): "138th Annual Ex. 1943"
Photograph of painting "Frog" by Jan Doubrava, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "#13 "Frog", Jan Doubrava""
Photograph of sculpture "The Laughing Frog" by Bonnie MacLeary. Inscription reads (verso): "The Laughing Frog by Bonnie Macleary, 22 Charles St. N.Y. City", "124th annual ex. 1929"
Photograph of sculpture "Ouch" by Bonnie MacLeary. Inscription reads (verso): "119th annual ex. 1924", "Ouch, by, Bonnie MacLeary"
Photograph of sculpture "Frog with Katydid" by Albert Laessle. Inscription reads (verso): "Frog with Katydid by Albert Laessle", "121", "104th annual ex. 1909", "Frog with Katydid by Albert Laessle"
Photograph of sculpture "Discord" by Edward Berge. Inscription reads (verso): "115 A.E. 1920", "Discord by Edward Berge"
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