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Black and white contact sheet of photographs taken of the school store and classrooms. Includes 12 pictures: 3 of one classroom, 4 of another classroom and 5 of the school store.
Black and white photograph of illustration class ion Frank Furness building working from live model. Includes up to 24 students. Inscription (verso): Oliver Nuse (coat + vest), Herman Klein in light sweater at easel in rear, Ella Abbott on left with…
Black and white photograph of George Harding's illustration class working from female model in costume. Includes up to 18 students and Harding.
Black and white photograph of Charles Grafly's sculpture class. Includes George Borst (with glasses and mustache).
Photograph of installation in the Rotunda at the 1941 Annual Exhibition. Inscription reads (verso): "136th Annual Ex. 1941"
Photograph includes installation view of rotunda and other sculptures. Inscription reads (none):
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