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Color slide of cast hall. Includes view of three unidentified PAFA personnel.
Color slide of Nike cast. Includes view of upper balcony and five unidentified personnel.
Photograph of Hobson Pittman's "The Porch (Pastel)" at PAFA's 39th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1941.
Photograph of Eliot O'Hara's "At the Barcelona Exposition (Water Color)" at PAFA's 29th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1931.
Photograph of Devitt Welsh's "Royal St.
Photograph of Joseph J. Jicha's "Folks River Front
Photograph of William C. Watts' "Street of the Dancing Girls
Photograph of Paul L. Gill's "Taxco, Mexico (Water Color)" at PAFA's 33rd Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1935.
Photograph of Catharine Wharton Morris' "The Ol'Landmark (Gouache)" at PAFA's 22nd Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1924.
Photograph of Alice Schille's "Vacation Time: East Side (Water Color)" at PAFA's 14th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1916.
Photograph of Alice Schille's "A Colorful Street (Water Color)" at PAFA's 13th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1915. Includes view of the original frame.
Photograph of Colin Campbell Cooper's "A Salem Residence" at PAFA's 10th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1912.
Photograph of Hermann Dudley Murphy's "The Palazzo Mengaldo" at PAFA's 7th Annual Water Color Exhibition, 1909.
Photograph of print "Casa de Playa (Beach House) by Emilio Sanchez, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Casa de Playa (Beach House) by Emilio Sanchez, Eyre Medal, 164th Annual, 1969"
Photograph of painting "London Hippodrome" by Everett Shinn, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "London Hippodrome - Everett Shinn, Lent by The Friends of American Art Coll., The Art Institution of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.", "C8322", "36", "72", "
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