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Institutional Records


Board of Directors (Trustees) records
President of Board correspondence
Collection of Biographical
information on the Board Members
Records of Ad-Hoc Committees
Strategic Planning Committee minutes
Development Committee minutes
Executive Committee minutes
Finance Committee minutes
Committee on Instruction records
Committee on Exhibitions records
George Corliss secretary records
John Douglas Woodward secretary records
Harrison S. Morris secretary records
John Trask secretary records
John Andrew Myers secretary records
Joseph Fraser Jr. secretary records
William B. Stevens Jr. secretary records
Thomas N. Armstrong III secretary records
Richard J. Boyle secretary records
Frank H. Goodyear, Jr. president records
Dorothy Brown president records (missing)
Gresham Riley president records
Joshua C. Thompson president records
Derek Gilman president records
Edward Lewis president records
Pennsylvania Academician records

 The Museum 

Frank H. Goodyear Jr. Curatorial records
Linda Bantel Curatorial records
Kathleen Foster Curatorial records
Judith E. Stein Curatorial records for
Horace Pippin Exhibition
Jeanette M. Toohey Curatorial records
Susan Danly Curatorial records
Sylvia Yount Curatorial records
Morris Gallery Curatorial records
Lynn Marsden Curatorial records
Robert Cozzolino Curatorial records (restricted)
Peale House Gallery Coordinator records 
Special Exhibition Curatorial records 
Ruth Fine curatorial records for Procession: The Art of Norman Lewis (restricted)
Alex Baker Curatorial records
Julien Robson Curatorial records
Linda Bantel Director records
Daniel Rosenfeld Director records (restricted)
Kim Sajet Deputy Director records (restricted)
David Brigham Director records (restricted)
Harry Philbrick Director records (restricted)
Registrar records -
Works on loan returned to owners
Registrar records -
Works no longer in collection
Registrar records -
Permanent collection
Registrar Office records 
Registrar records – Exhibition files
Annual Exhibition collection
Annual Water Color and Miniature Exhibition collection
Peale House Gallery records
Miscellaneous Exhibition records
Morris Gallery records
Special Exhibition records
Philadelphia Water Color Club Annual Exhibition (members only) records
Museum Education records
Museum Staff biographical records
Conservation Department records
PAFA Artifact collection
PAFA buildings records
Gifts and Bequest records
Museum Shop collection

 The School 

Curator of the School records

Ephraim Weinberg Dean of the School records

Frederick S. Osborne Dean of the School records

Student records

School records

Chester Springs records

PAFA Faculty records

PAFA Library records

PAFA Alumni Association records

PAFA School Exhibition records

Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (FPAFA) records

Alumni Gallery records

Dan Miller Chair of the MFA Program records


Special Events records
Finance records
Development Office records
Marketing Department records
Women’s Board records