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Photograph of painting "Apocalyptic Beast" by Josef Scharl, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "Exhibited in Annual Sculpture Show 1945", "140th Annual", "Apocalyptic Beast (oil) 1938", "Josef Scharl", "889-8-5"
Photograph of sculpture "Rhoan Antelope" by Nathaniel Choate. Inscription reads (verso): "Rhoan Antelope By Nat Choate, 138 Annual 1943"
Photograph of sculpture "On the Roman Road" by Hazel Brills Jackson. Inscription reads (verso): "119th Annual 1924", "On the Roman Road by Hazel Grill Jackson"
Photograph of sculpture "Pan" by Albin Polasek. Inscription reads (verso): "118th annual ex. 1923", "Pan by Albin Polasek"
Photograph of sculpture "An African Rhinoceros" by Katharine Ward Lane. Inscription reads (verso): "117th annual ex. 1922", "African Rhinoceros By Katharine W. Lane"
Photograph of sculpture "White Bull" by Charles Carey Rumsey. Inscription reads (verso): "116th Annual 1921", "White Bull by C C Rumsey"
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