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Photograph of the miniature painting "The Christmas Visitor" by Louisa Cobb from the 48th Annual Miniature Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Society of Miniature Painters, 1949. Catalog entry number 59. Includes original frame. Lent by Mrs. William…
Photograph of sculpture "Girl with Doe" by Robert Laurent. Inscription reads (verso): "139th annual ex. 1944", "Robert Laurent, Girl and Doe, Bronze", "18 inches high", "x"
Photograph of sculpture "Faun" by Bruce Moore. Inscription reads (verso): "136th Annual Ex. 1941"
Photograph of sculpture "Diana" by Edward McCartan. Inscription reads (verso): "283", ""Diana"", "Edward McCartan Reg #1997", "135th An. Ex - 1940", "", "crop", "283"
Photograph of sculpture "Girl with Deer" by Berta Margoulies. Inscription reads (verso): "4332 pts", "135th annual ex. 1940", "Woman with Deer, Garden Court, Federal Building, U. S. New York Worlds Fair 1939, Working Model, Plaster.", "Berta…
Photograph of painting "Early Snow" by Emil Ganso, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): ""Early Snow" Emil Ganso, Pennell Mem. Medal for his [illegible] 1938", "2", "9145", "", "Black flush at bottom"
Photograph of sculpture "The Fawn" by Carl Paul Jennewein. Inscription reads (verso): "132nd Annual 1937", ""The Fawn"", "Reg #1497 By C.P. Jennewein"
Photograph of sculpture "Fawn" by Albert T. Stewart. Inscription reads (verso): "129th Annual 1934", "4863", "Fawn, Albert Stewart Reg #2107", "3 1/2"
Photograph of sculpture "Stag and Doe" by Katharine Ward Lee. Inscription reads (verso): "126th annual ex. 1931", "Stag + Doe by Katharine W Lane", "283"
Photograph of sculpture "Hamadryad" by Edward Field Sanford, Jr.. Inscription reads (verso): "450/27", "Hamadryad By Edward F. Sanford, Jr.", "111th Annual 1916", "--4 1/4--"
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