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Photograph of painting "Cliffs: Mt. Desert" by Carrol Sargent Tyler, Jr., no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "102nd Annual 1907", "Cliffs, Mount Desert by Carrol S. Tyson, Jr.", "Cliffs: Mt. Desert by Carroll S. Tyson, Jr.", "2"
Photograph of painting "Sunlight and Surf" by Paul Dougherty, no framing. Inscription reads (verso): "111th Annual 1916", "Sunlight and Surf By Paul Dougherty", "450/28", "4 1/2 x 3 3/4"
Photograph of painting "Gray Crag: Newport" by William Trost Richards, no framing, mounted on board. Inscription reads (verso): "100th A.E., 1905", "Gray Crag: Newp[cut off] By William T. Richa[cut off]", "Gray Crag: Newport by William T. Richards"
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